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Love What We Do -  *Vegan*  *Cruelty-Free*  *Sustainably  Sourced*  *Ethically Produced*  *Local Manufacturing*

Farm To Hanger is a slow fashion brand that locally produces high quality, handcrafted clothing and homewares.

Embracing traceability and transparent processes, Farm to Hanger is committed to knowing exactly where our products come from and the impact these products are having both socially and environmentally. This attention to detail extends to the reusing, repurposing and recycling of our waste materials.  

Farm to Hanger focuses on designing, producing and supplying garments for quality and longevity - making it the perfect way to be environmentally conscious!

We also give back to the environment by planting a tree for every item we make and are passionate about supporting local industry by being ethically produced and 100% Australian Made.  

Join us for change you can wear.

Ethical Clothing Australia Certified - For Your Peace of Mind

Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA®) is an accreditation body that works collaboratively with local textile, clothing and footwear (TCF) companies manufacturing in Australia to ensure their Australian supply chains are fully transparent and legally compliant.  Farm To Hanger is proudly ECA certified both as an emerging brand and a manufacturer. 


We support Greenfleet, a not-for-profit environmental organisation that  protects our climate by restoring our forests and natural habitats. Farm To Hanger is planting a tree for every product we make. We are also getting our hands dirty while participating in the New South Wales planting events held in 2018.  

Locally Handmade Fashions That Last  

We believe in a “slow fashion” model that promotes high-quality garments in styles that stand the test of time. Instead of cheap, trendy imports that wear out quickly, each garment we produce has a local history you can trust and is designed to wash and wear extremely well so that you can help save the planet - and your wallet.  With a base of strong staples and natural fabrics, Farm To Hanger will be a brand you can come back to time and again for quality products.

Repair or Recycle

We are embarking on a repair or recycle initiative to increase the life span of our garments and responsibly reduce textile waste.  If you have any of our garments and would like to repair or recycle them, please get in contact with us at

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