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A few words from Farm To Hanger's founder, Anna-Louise Howard:

'Creating Wearable Change' started when I personally went looking for better ways to care for the environment.  I was acutely aware from my background in landscape photography that environmental destruction was all around me from many industries, and I wanted to find solutions to the problems I was documenting. With the fashion industry being the 2nd largest contributor to environmental damage of our planet's resources and people, I went looking for transparent businesses that reduce, reuse and recycle resources.  When I couldn’t find a clothing source that was 100% transparent about how my clothes were made and where they came from, I decided to do something about it.

The great news is that people are slowly starting to realise the importance of sourcing local sustainable resources, shopping locally and buying ethically. I am really happy to say that we are growing and now undertaking to build Australia's first 100% sustainable apparel factory employing local machinists to help reach more people with beautiful sustainable products.  Why? Because we only get one planet and I believe together, with the choices we make, we can make the world a better, cleaner, more vibrant place to live and work for generations to come.

Anna-Louise Howard


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