New Arrivals! | Farm To Hanger

As a slow fashion business, (designing and producing high quality, long lasting items), we only release a small number of garments each year. As we have had a very busy 5 months relocating our factory to Victoria, we had to wait until we were setup again to give you more of what you love! We are so exited to give you an expansion of the Comfy range with all Natural fabric now available for Comfy Bum Knickers and the Comfy Cami, as well as two new lines in all three colours!

Introducing the Comfy G and the Happy Hipster! 

If that wasn't enough, we have sourced Australian made biodegradable vegan ink, in a non water process, to give you fantastic statement t-shirts with all the eco benefits. We are so proud to introduce to you the Signature Tee that carries our logo for you to wear with pride, along with two statement shirts that reflect everything we're about. 

The Signature Tee

"Nothing Wears Better Than Ethical Feels"

Keep cool and just breathe