Raw To Recycled

We're taking sustainable shopping to whole different level. We've dug deep and we're taking you all the way down to the soil that the seeds were planted in. This is the story of how our products begin and end from Raw To Recycled.

Which fibre?

Natural of course but which one? Sourcing a natural fibre that is sustainably produced, has minimal human intervention and biodegradable was what we wanted. What we found, was a myriad of terminology, technology and a lot of vague statements on sustainable practices. 

Finding out that a lot of chemicals were involved in the production of many fabrics especially bamboo and viscose blends, had us rule them out early on. Then it was organic fabrics that seemed ideal but then as we did further research, found they weren't necessarily the best environmental choice if you were looking at the overall water usage and carbon miles.

After lots of information we found cotton ticked all the boxes and it was locally grown. However, not all cotton is created equal. The world of cotton is a contentious topic for environmentalists and finding the right cotton grower, growing in the best way possible and a textile fabricator that was also environmentally sympathetic wasn't easy. 

Why this cotton? 

The cotton we chose to use is grown under sustainable management practices and has some of the world's best environmental ratings, not to mention premium quality.