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When we started thinking about what we could do to be proactive about environmental issues, we found ourselves looking for the source of where our clothes come from. This wasn't an easy task. We thought if you can do it with food, you should be able to do it with everything and set out to find suppliers that were 100% transparent. We found someone and it's been amazing. We can speak to our cotton farmer and see how things are going and know each person that touches our beautiful products. We love what we are doing and invite you to join, because we care about creating wearable change. 

 We Care
Cotton farm, Australia

Farm to hanger is a 'slow fashion' business model, that is, a business model that does not promote fast fashion techniques of large collections of seasonal garments that wear out or date quickly. The slow fashion movement consists of designing, producing and supplying garments for quality & longevity. Slow Fashion encourages fair wages, slower production times and local manufacturing thereby lowering the carbon footprint of the garment and ideally zero waste for the business. We also go beyond just the fabric with our sustainable business practices, sourcing recycled materials for our promotional materials, using minimal packaging and having a paperless office.
We have a transparent supply chain with an environmentally responsible ethos. Our cotton fabrics have raw materials grown here in Australia using permaculture processes and made into fabric in both Queensland and Victoria then sent back to us in Sydney. While the selection may be relatively small, we continue to source the best feeling, looking, and eco-conscious fabrics.
Our cotton farmer is Glenn from St George, QLD
Our textile fabricator is Meriel from Brisbane, QLD
Our postie is Grant for small items and Mark for large.
All our garment construction is now in-house in Sydney, NSW
All our textile waste goes to Margaret to recycle in Melbourne, VIC
Australian Made
Our cotton is 100% Australian grown cotton in Queensland and we make all the garments right here in Sydney, selling locally wherever possible.


Farm to Hanger's short term goal is to release a single garment at a time, thereby slowing down consumption. Educating clients of choosing long-life pieces that will sustain them season after season. We are also constantly researching new sustainably produced products and technologies to improve our products and processes.


Our long term goal is to have our own fabrics grown, milled, spun, dyed, knitted and woven right here in Australia. This is a very big goal as most of the industry moved offshore during the 1980s. The industry continues to struggle with China and India having industry share as well as neighbouring countries of Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and Indonesia. Currently there is only one woollen mill left in operation in Australia and eventually we would love to revive a once vibrant industry in a completely new sustainable way, with our own minimalistic manufacturing facility running on solar panels, tesla walls and 100% sustainable.

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