Anna-Louise HowardAnna-Louise Howard, founder of sustainable ethical fashion brand “Farm to Hanger” built her brand after a 25 year career as an environmental landscape photographer. Through her photography she witnessed the huge environmental damage caused by many different industries. After exhibiting her work domestically and internationally, Anna-Louise looked at the environmental damage happening globally and focused in on finding an industry where she could make a difference. With qualifications in Applied Fashion and Design, and the knowledge that the fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to environmental damage, she knew this was where change could be possible.

Today, Anna-Louise is the proud owner of a 100% transparent, traceable and sustainable business that is setting new benchmarks within the fashion industry. As a visionary, she is pushing the boundaries of what it is to be building a business of purpose and extending her reach of what is means to run and own a sustainable business. In that light, she is building Australia’s 1st 100% sustainable off-grid apparel factory with the hope of being a beacon for other fashion businesses to follow.