Frequently Asked Questions


Why is my order taking so long? 

Our on-demand production model helps us conserve all of our raw materials and we make every order as it comes in. Our normal time frame is 3-4 weeks and we email tracking details once it leaves from our Daylesford workshop. In a society that is so used to instant gratification, we find most people happy to wait for our beautiful garments that are made for you. 

The price changes when I go to checkout, what's happening? 

If you are using a secure browser, sometimes the currency will default to USA dollars. To change this to your preferred currency, go to the top right hand side of the page, there is a drop down menu with the currencies available.  Please select AUD or the relevant currency for correct your checkout currency value. 

What does pre-order mean?

Pre-order is an order for a product placed before it is available. As we are operating as sustainably as possible, we don't want to make more garments than the demand for them. You will find that existing customers and subscribers will be offered items first, via pre-order, and then shipped from a specified date, usually during the week following the pre-order date. If there is a large demand for a product and it sells out, it may also go into pre-order until it is next available. 


Why pre-order? 

Working in a slow fashion business model prevents over-production and deadstock issues (which is a big issue for the entire industry) and our on-demand production was susceptible to minor issues causing major delays. (Like a broken machine or a delay in elastic delivery) Pre-orders allow us to stagger our in-house production while maintaining quality and conserving raw materials until we can build a small inventory to maintain stock levels, which we will be doing from March 2022

Pre-orders will start fulfilling from the date shown on the product and you will receive an email with tracking details once your order is dispatched.


I am looking for plus sizes, why can't I see them? 

We did produce sizes 6-22 however we did not have enough demand to continually stock these sizes. Our size 16 is a 16-18 cut and our size 18 - an 18-20 cut. Please note, as we use natural fibres, and not synthetics or elastane, they will appear to be larger than other brands. We have asked many ladies to review and have found them to fit well and very comfortable. Please consult our size chart and choose the smaller size if you are between sizes. If you do not see your preferred size in your chosen style, please email us and we can make to order. 

Can you customise an order?

Yes, we often get asked to personalise a garment and because we make everything, we can customise to suit your needs. Please email your request.

Do you do corporate orders? 

Yes, even though we have a small facility we have the capacity to do small corporate orders, with our without branding, in both Men's and Women's

Please let us know if you have any other questions, we're here to help you.