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Why Farm To Hanger

Why Farm to Hanger?

We’re on a mission to put an end to the fashion industry that loves to tell us what to put in our closets because we care about the impact this out-of-control consumption has on our environment and on people.

We source only the softest, highest quality, eco-conscious fabrics that are grown right here in Australia for your peace of mind.

From the Queensland farmer who grows your cotton using innovative permaculture practices to the Sydney factory where we construct every garment, we use completely sustainable, transparent business practices so that you can join a clothing brand that makes you feel good.

Join us for change you can wear.

Locally Handmade Fashions That Last

We believe in a “slow fashion” model that promotes high-quality garments in styles that stand the test of time. Instead of cheap, trendy imports that wear out quickly, each garment we produce has a local history you can trust and is designed to wash and wear extremely well so that you can help save the planet - and your wallet.


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