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From sourcing our raw materials, to planting a tree for everything we make, we're building you a greener, cleaner future.

For those that care for the world we live in, together we are making a difference!

When you buy from Farm To Hanger, you are supporting a slow fashion, ethical, sustainable business that is run by people that really care about you and the world we live in. 

Everything we produce is under under slow fashion principles, to give you buying choices that are available all year round, not just for one week or a season. 

Committed to giving you trace-ability and transparent processes, you can trace our products to where they are grown and the impact these products have both socially and environmentally.  Passionately supporting local industry and jobs we are certified with Ethical Clothing Australia to give you peace of mind of the people that make your clothes.

Our environmental commitment to you extends throughout our processes of sustainable sourcing, design and development, reusing, repurposing and recycling our waste materials.  We also offer you, our customers, a repair and recycle service to help you minimise your own textile waste.

Carbon pollution is everywhere and we offset our carbon emissions by planting trees Australia wide with not-for-profit Greenfleet. 

Our next step in giving you the best sustainable Australian Brand is building our 100% sustainable apparel factory, the first of it's kind in Australia, and maintaining our 100% Australian Made certification.  

Sustainably Sourced, Ethically Produced, 100% Australian Made, Vegan and Cruelty-Free. 

Join us for change you can wear!

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