Raw Materials

Raw Materials

The Raw Materials


Every garment that we make has to be as sustainable as possible. With that in mind we set out to find the best sustainably grown natural fibres we could.


Finding what we wanted wasn't easy, a naturally occurring raw material that needed very little human intervention, resource efficient and sustainably grown, preferably Australian.


Our cotton is single origin sourced from one farm that is using best practices to grow the fibres with 75% less water as sustainably as possible.


Our raw materials are grown by Australian Super Cotton, Rogan Pastoral Co, a fourth generation 100% Australian Owned and Operated family farm, the home of Australian Super Cotton.


They have been growing upland cotton at St George, QLD since 1976 and is now Australia’s only remaining dedicated grower of Australia’s Long Staple  (ALS) cotton, since its inception in 2007.


Much of the characteristics are to do with the hot dry area of Australia it’s grown, but more importantly the management decisions made during the life cycle of the crop.


Using dryland techniques and rainwater tanks they measure every drop of water used on the cotton both green and blue water. It’s essential to count the rain, and irrigation, unfortunately some don't count both.


The family’s innovative farming methods has seen them recognised as industry leaders and awarded the 2013 Australian Cotton Industry High Achiever of the Year award.


The Rogan’s pride themselves on producing a high quality fibre under sustainable and ethical farming practices, and are focused on continuous improvement, which is why we are so proud to be part of their legacy.

  • The longest, finest, strongest threads of upland cotton grown in the world [ALS]
  • Voluntary use of industry audited Best Management Practices ensures trace-ability and accountability; the cotton is able to be traced back to the paddock it was grown on
  • Grown in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Varieties and management practices used are at the scientific leading edge for water use efficiency.

For further information visit www.austsupercotton.com.au

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