Farm To Hanger Packaging

Our minimalist packaging keeps everything classy and simple with recycled eco-friendly packaging and promotional materials. Not one piece of plastic is used in our packaging.

We use recycled card stocks, papers and stickers, even our Luxe gift boxes are 100% recycled and our sending satchels are 100% compostable. 

Forest Stewardship Council

Reuse - Repair and Recycle Service

We have a repair or recycle initiative for you free of charge, to increase the life span of your garments and reduce your own carbon footprint.
Hand mending

Textile Waste

Textile waste is now split into three sections, reusable, repurposed and recycled. We reuse large fabric scraps to make new product lines, repurpose seams for local charity toys and recycle anything that can't be broken down. However, we haven't needed to send anything to textile recycling, EVER and continue to work with our textile waste in-house to produce zero waste products
Zero waste