High Waist Comfy Bum Knickers

With the highest rise in our range, the High Waist Comfy Bum Knickers were developed from customers that wanted knickers to come up over the belly button and provide all day comfort and coverage.  The wide soft waist elastic prevents digging in while sititng and the Superfine cotton fabric gives a relaxed comfort across the stomach. Made from 100% pure cotton they wick away moisture, letting your skin breathe and leaves you to enjoy your day.
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Biodegradable Underwear

The answer to the growing issue of textile waste.

100% Australian-grown cotton

With no synthetics, no elastane, and no toxic dyes making them zero-waste

Engineered for comfort

Designed to give you support and flexibility in all the right places (and that means no wedgies!)

Quality, 100% Australian Made craftsmanship

Carefully hand-crafted for durable intimates that last wash after wash and wear after wear

Completely biodegradable

We even produced our own Oeko-Tex certified biodegradable elastic, ensuring our knickers are completely compostable!

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