Men's T-Shirts

Men's T-shirts | Farm To Hanger
Our t-shirts are where we started and as the core of our business, available all year round. We make our beautiful garments in our Daylesford factory, one garment at a time, supporting local where ever we can. We are ethical, sustainable, Australian grown and 100% Australian made.
It all started with the Humble T-Shirt, as the t-shirt is the single highest polluting garment of the fashion industry, and as such the first garment we decided to make as sustainable as possible. We redesigned, redeveloped and redefined it to be the most ethical and sustainable garment possible and biodegradable.
Made from sustainably sourced single origin cotton, with no polyester, no plastic and no chemical dyes. Ethically certified for peace of mind that the people making your garments are receiving a living wage and made in the most sustainable manufacturing facility in Australia. With all carbon emissions offset, this is the greenest tee we could make for you and for the planet.