What does 100% Australian Made mean anyway? 

Australian Grown

There are a few differences between what Australian grown, made and produced products mean. The definition for Australian Grown is that each significant ingredient has been grown in Australia and all, or virtually all, of the production processes have occurred in Australia.

Product Of Australia

Product of Australia requires that the product has all, or nearly all, of the manufacturing or processing carried out in Australia and that all of the products significant ingredients come from Australia.

Australian Made

And Australian Made means that the product is substantially transformed in Australia.

Why is that important? 

Australia's agricultural businesses have to operate under some of the strictest environmental controls in the world. The most recent “State of the Environment” report notes that substantial improvements have been made to land management and manufacturing processes making Australian Grown a sign of food and fibres that have been grown to very high standards. 

With high quality fibres, we have the ability to produce products that are world-class. Transforming these Australian products with Australian manufacturing helps reduce the energy consumption used to transport products, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions.Keeping the majority of manufacturing and production here, we are creating Products of Australia and helping to maintain a skilled workforce across many industries, that are able to innovate and grow our local infrastructure. 

Quality Australian-made products are underpinned by automatic consumer guarantees and warranties. These products are also more likely to last longer, have local repair options and less likely to end up in landfill. Every time you buy Australian Made you support jobs, economic development and prosperity in Australia, which has a flow on effect that delivers positive outcomes to Australian families and local communities.

Australian Operated

Australian Owned

How did Farm To Hanger get here?

In 2017 our founder, Anna-Louise started Farm To Hanger in a double garage in inner suburbs of Sydney, Australia. (ECA certified of course!) Borne from one of her collections of her first fashion label, Anna-Louise put a collection together that was made from Australian grown fibres, Australian made fabric and all Australian manufacturing. It was called Farm To Hanger Collection. It embodied everything Anna-Louise wanted to build upon, and after it's success, she decided to create a whole new brand. 

Farm To Hanger was created and it's purpose was to establish a net-zero carbon emission, non-polluting fashion business model and to ensure that the garments created are the best environmentally and ethically produced.

Just a few month's later Farm To Hanger had outgrown the space and a tough but purpose driven decision was made, to pause the business and relocate to Victoria. To build an Eco-factory and be surrounded by like minded people who understood, that we not only wanted to achieve huge sustainability goals but also stay 100% Australian Made. 

Today, we have succeeded in this purpose. 

We have built our eco factory that produces a low impact range of garments, built for longevity, resource efficiency, recyclability and biodegradability.  From Australian owned and operated farms, where our beautiful cotton is Australian grown. Fibre manufacturers including ginners, weavers, knitters and dyers of fabrics that are Products of Australia And with our local garment production, we are 100% Australian Made and if that wasn't enough, we are proudly 100% Australian Owned.

However it doesn't stop there..

Then there are other businesses that we support downstream, the truckies and posties, the Melbourne cardboard box makers, local printers, machinery manufacturers and mechanics. More than 20 businesses and their staff, all Australian people working hard to make everything you see. 

There's also something else you don't see when you buy Australian Made, those little things business owners do, giving back to the community, sponsorships, donations, carbon offsets, etc. They all add to support Australian families and local communites.

Thank you for choosing Farm To Hanger and supporting wearable change. 
By supporting us you are contributing to the livelihoods of hundreds of people that help make our garments possible.