Comfy Collection | Farm To Hanger

The Comfy CollectionThe Comfy Collection developed from customer requests for sustainable 100% cotton underwear that was Australian made.
Designed as a pretty and comfortable range of timeless garments, using fabric made from Australian cotton, grown under best management practices with low water usage and non-toxic dyeing process. The resulting garments have created a beautiful luxury eco-conscious collection of knickers, cami's and dresses that you'll love for years to come. 
All of our processes are transparent and our high quality garments are made in low volumes, so as not to waste the raw materials. Our factory is run on 100% green power, off grid water and septic, making it one of the most sustainably produced garment manufacturers in Australia. Also, we have had zero waste leave the factory and plant a tree for every garment we make, offsetting more carbon than we produce. We also give back by reusing our textiles for dog toys for charity and working with local charities to support community development projects.