The growing global population is facing limited resources from the environment and it has become more important than ever to prevent waste and use waste as a resource.

To achieve zero waste, waste management has be cyclical so that materials, products, and substances can be used as efficiently as possible. Materials must be chosen so that they may either return safely to a cycle within the environment or remain viable in the industrial cycle.

For us at Farm To Hanger, our natural fibres can safely return to the environment but more importantly before then, our waste can be reused as a resource to return to the industrial cycle and become a new product.

Since 2017 we have not let any waste materials leave our factory workshop. We have carefully stored and maintained our waste textiles knowing that we will return to reuse these virgin materials for new products in the future.

Today is that day. 

Today we release our the first item from our Zero Waste range. Zero waste because we are using our fabric offcuts from one product line for a completely different product.

The process starts with collecting all the offcuts from the cutting of other garments, which most factories put straight into the rubbish bin. It is then sorted and graded into categories, colours and types of fabrics. Each layer is then hand laid on top of each other to suit the grain and direction of the desired pattern piece. It is then cut and sewn. The offcuts from this product then go back into the waste cycle again for sorting and grading for the next stage. 

Our first item is one that we use quite often, make up wipes and pads. These items can be found on shores and rubbish dumps across the globe. A convenience item that can be replaced with a reusable sustainable alternative. They are made from 5 layers of soft cotton and finished with a binded edge and loop to make it easy to hang up and line dry. Suitable for use with with soap, cleanser or makeup remover. 
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