5 Reasons To Switch To 100% Cotton Underwear

1. They’re highly absorbent

Cotton fabric is effective at wicking moisture, making it the ideal choice to keep you dry and fresh all day!

2. They're breathable

100% cotton knickers are far more breathable than those containing synthetics, which helps regulate your temperature naturally.

3. They’re odour resistant

No nasty smells on hot days or after a sweaty workout... need we say more?

4. They don’t stretch out of shape

Knickers that are blended with elastane will wear thin and lose shape. Our high quality cotton knickers have a durable structure which holds firm, even after years of consistent wear.

5. They’re easy to clean

Pure natural fibres wash well. Our 100% cotton knickers are easy to care for and last wash after wash in the machine.

Here's Why You'll Love Our Comfy Bum Knickers

They're 100% High-Quality Cotton

That's right, no nasties! Our knickers contain pure natural fibres only - even our leg elastic is made from a natural biodegradable polymer.

Our Cotton Is Sustainably-Grown

The Australian families who grow our cotton use best practices to conserve water. Our fabric requires 75% less water to produce than regular cotton.

They're Designed To Fit You Properly

We've spent years perfecting our designs through rigorous testing and feedback. They've been carefully engineered to give support and flexibility in all the right places.

They're Built To Last

Our knickers are lovingly, expertly crafted by a team of skilled machinists. We have customers tell us they've been wearing them for 3 years and longer!

They're Completely Compostable

When they are eventually ready to retire, they can safely return to the soil where they came from. A true earth to earth solution!

Here's what our customers have to say

"Great comfortable fit"


"Good undies that are well made and are helping our planet. Very happy with mine! 🌻"
- Maxine M.

"THE best underwear I've worn for 60 years"


I will never go back to buying questionable underwear again. Thank you for making these.
- Noleen T.

"Knickers made for real bums"


I love my comfy knickers, the shape and fit is like a glove; curved in all the right places and they never ride up; the band sits flat and feels super comfortable.
- Michele M.

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