Australian Made Fabric

Australian Knitted, Woven and Dyed Fabrics
Finding the best natural fibres are only as good as the supply chain that manufacturers them.


The world of cotton is a contentious topic for environmentalists and finding the right cotton grower, growing in the best way possible may not have been easy but with full traceability, it was all worth it.

Why this cotton? 

The cotton we chose to use is grown under sustainable management practices with science backed data and some of the world's best environmental ratings, not to mention premium quality.

Proud to support local fabric manufacturers

With physical technology and digital traceability to provide integrity and authentication, our single origin cotton traces every step of the manufacturing process.

Australian made fabric

With very little human intervention, our fabric is knitted in Reservoir, Victoria and then sent to Melbourne to be dyed with as little water as possible.

Australian Fabric Manufacturing

Good Earth Cotton

Change in agriculture is the first step to a change in attitude toward Earth’s resources; a movement to prioritise long-term environmental well-being in the global supply chain.

Good Earth Cotton® embraces FibreTrace®’s  transparency technology to combine physical and digital traceability with block chain authentication. FibreTrace® provides brands and retailers with true custody of supply, the ability to quantify and audit fibre, with access to primary impact data for natural and man-made solutions in real-time.

Melbourne Textile Knitting Co

Made with Good Earth Cotton and incorporating FibreTrace technology we are able to provide full traceability of the cotton yarn from the Farm it was grown on to the Hanger we put it on.

The dedicated team at Melbourne Textile Knitting Co (MTK) have worked with us to develop our beautiful 100% cotton fabric to our high standards with all the softness and durability you've come to love with our garments.

Over the coming months we will continue to develop more fabrics