Biodegradable Trims

Tracing Everything We Use

Sourcing haberdashery for everything we make is a tricky exercise of navigating technological advances, traditional techniques and testing the performance of biodegradable materials to be fit for their purpose. We also make sure that every item has the appropriate certifications to ensure our full tracability.

Biodegradable elastic

Over the last 5 years we have worked with technology leaders in biodegradable elastics. Together we have committed to the project 2030 Agenda, whose objective is to curb the environmental impact through sustainable water management, energy saving, material recycling, and the reduction of polluting emissions.

As a result of this sustainable challenge, our elastic range consists of of 100% ecological ribbons and cords, made from fibers of natural origin, recyclable materials, or biodegradable materials, which are of quality and have sustainability certificates.

Dentelle Calais Caudry Lace

Made from 100% cotton, the Dentelle Calais Caudry lace is steeped in history and of the highest quality.

The label Dentelle de Calais-Caudry® is a guarantee of the excellence of a product made in France, respecting the traditional skills on which it has founded its reputation.

It guarantees that this rare and precious fabric is made on Leavers looms, according to an original and unique method of thread intertwining derived from a 200-year-old tradition. The label allows people to differentiate between lace produced in Calais and Caudry and knitted mesh lace which is much more widespread.

Farm To Hanger - Bra Straps

Biodegradable Hardware

Our hardware is made with to degrade and Oeko Tex certified. With in house manufacturing we make our bra straps with our biodegradable elastic.

Farm To Hanger - Bra Backs

Biodegradable Bra Backs

Trying to find non synethic bra backs have use making our own! We make all of our bra backs in house using 100% cotton woven tape and non-coated hooks and eyelets.

Pure Cotton Thread

All of our threads come from Coats Australia with their commitment to 100% cotton thread made from sustainable raw materials and Cradle to CradleTM approved dyes and chemicals.

We use mercerised cotton that is high quality, long staple cotton specially treated under tension to provide greater lustre and higher strength that is certified to Öeko-Tex Standard 100, class I, the most stringent class covering textile items.

Walnut Buttons

Sourcing buttons made from natural materials, even agriculture waste are the perfect trims to our garments.