Farm To Hanger was established to prove that the industrial pollution caused by the fashion industry did not have to exist. Its purpose was to establish a non-polluting circular fashion business model with net-zero carbon emissions and ensure that the garments created are the best environmentally and ethically produced. 

Succeeding in this purpose, Farm To Hanger has produced a traceable, low impact range of garments, built for longevity, resource efficiency, recyclability and biodegradability, completely carbon offset and 100% Australian made, adhering to the circular fashion principles and proving that the fashion industry does not have to exist in its current form. 

Circular Fashion


Anna Brismar, PhD is the Founder and Owner of the consultancy Green Strategy, Sustainability/Circularity Consultant within the fashion and textile industry and Owner and Developer of the online platform also the Founder and Head of the professional Circular Fashion Network.
These are the sixteen principles for a circular fashion industry as developed by Dr Brismar and we are proud to have her permission to reproduce her work here.
Dr. Brismar (head of Green Strategy and owner of has identified sixteen key principles to support and promote a more circular and sustainable fashion, apparel and textile industry. These principles are equally applicable to the sportswear, outdoor, and interior design segments. The sixteen principles are:
  • Principle 1: Design with a purpose
  • Principle 2: Design for longevity
  • Principle 3: Design for resource efficiency
  • Principle 4: Design for biodegradability
  • Principle 5: Design for recyclability
  • Principle 6: Source and produce more locally
  • Principle 7: Source and produce without toxicity
  • Principle 8: Source and produce with efficiency
  • Principle 9: Source and produce with renewables
  • Principle 10: Source and produce with good ethics
  • Principle 11: Provide services to support long life
  • Principle 12: Reuse, recycle or compost all remains
  • Principle 13: Collaborate well and widely
The above thirteen principles are defined from a producer perspective. One of these is highly relevant also from a consumer perspective, that is Principle 12 (Reuse, recycle or compost all remains). Yet, from the consumer perspective, three additional principles also need to be added:
  • Principle 14: Use, wash and repair with care
  • Principle 15: Consider rent, loan, swap, secondhand or redesign instead of buying new
  • Principle 16: Buy quality as opposed to quantity
Source: Developed by Dr Brismar, Green Strategy, and reproduced with permission.